About CSES

Center för Socialt Entreprenörskap Sverige / Center for Social Entrepreneurship Sweden (CSES) is a business incubator, focusing on start-ups and early-stage organisations developing socially, environmentally and commercially sustainable business ideas.

CSES was founded as a project at Stockholm University in 2011. Focusing on the Stockholm area, it was initially named Center for Social Entrepreneurship Stockholm. Mid 2014 CSES became an independent national NGO targeting all of Sweden (Center for Social Entrepreneurship Sweden/Center för Socialt Entreprenörskap Sverige).

CSES provides a business incubation program for social entrepreneurs as well as open coaching sessions. The business incubation process focuses on the development of the individual, as well as their ideas. The offering includes; business development support, courses, seminars, networking activities, partner networks, intellectual property management, access to angel investors and other types of networks an entrepreneur need. Within our core business activities 50 individuals/projects have been enrolled in the business incubation program and more than 500 entrepreneurs have received business counselling and coaching.

CSES has extensive experience from the innovation system in general, but more specifically from the social innovation support system. Over the years we have realised several projects related to issues like Social Return on Investment (SROI) and Social Impact Bonds (SIB) among others.